CRI-Centerless Rebuilders Inc., is your high-quality specialist in the remanufacture and automation of CNC Centerless Grinders.

CRI is headquartered in New Haven, Michigan where we manufacture a line of new CRI centerless grinders, and remanufacture, automate, and retrofit Cincinnati centerless grinders. CRI offers all the latest technology advancements in machine tool controls and retrofits. CRI specializes in customized process development, helping you achieve productivity gains, increased quality of part geometry, and safety improvements.


CRI trains its own workforce. Craftsmen in the art of scraping, remanufacturing, and servicing centerless grinders are created from workers with good mechanical instincts. Each apprentice works with an experienced rebuilder for a minimum of four years before completing classification as a rebuilder.


CRI offers true turnkey solutions from design through manufacturing and production. We listen, study, question, process, specify, design, purchase, manage, manufacture, launch, and maintain. You receive single point accountability, a simple an efficient way to do business.



  • SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT-CRI remanufactures and automates centerless grinders, rebuilds components, manufactures retrofits, manufactures replacement parts, and can provide you with all the tooling and supplies for grinding.
  • INDUSTRY LEADING INNOVATION-CRI takes the stability of proven 20th century machines and blends it with tomorrow’s technology today! We offer the latest in FANUC automation to bring you machine to the head of the pack.
  • THE COMPLETE PROCESS-CRI is experienced and highly successful in developing grinding processes that improve cycle time, operator ease, and part geometry with critical part tolerances.
  • KEEP YOUR MACHINE RUNNING-CRI keeps a large stock of centerless grinders ready to remanufacture to your specifications. We also have several centerless grinders ready to take over your production while your machine is being remanufactured. That means no downtime while we remanufacture a machine for you.
  • SUPERIOR WARRANTY, UNMATCHED QUALITY CRI’s warranty is without rival in the industry. A 24-month warranty is extended on the spindles for every remanufactured machine. The grinder is warranted for 12 months. This warranty covers all parts and labor and is offered because of the confidence we have in our work.