Your machine or ours.
Either way, we can remanufacture and customize for your process!

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Let CRI increase your productivity, reduce safety concerns, and help you produce a finished part that consistently meets all specifications. CRI can remanufacture your Cincinnati centerless grinder or provide a grinder for you.

The rebuild process begins with completely dismantling the machine and removing all components. The grinder base is steam cleaned, glass bead-blasted, and steam cleaned again to remove all contaminants and oil. It is very important that the base and all components are absolutely clean.

The slides are ground flat and parallel and then hand-scraped, mated, and fit. Once the main table slides pass inspection, new hydraulic and lubrication systems are installed. The dressers and spindles are rebuilt by experienced technicians and installed on the base after passing testing and inspection. Unique in the industry, CRI replaces all wearable components, not just those that exhibit excessive wear. Other components are rebuilt or replaced with CRI’s retrofits, such as CRI’s Servo compensation or Frequency Drive transmission replacement systems. New wire, motors, starters, and controls are installed on the machine.

The grinder is realigned and zeroed. There are inspections and testing points throughout the remanufacturing process, giving you a machine with built-in quality.

CRI has specialized in Cincinnati centerless grinders for several decades. We have made many improvements on the grinders that improve performance and reduce maintenance. Some changes are small, like our through-hole coolant redesign of the diamond nib holder. Other changes take advantage of new technology that wasn’t available when the machines were originally produced such as our Frequency Drive transmission replacement. All of the enhancements serve to produce better parts with less effort, giving you a greater return on your investment. CRI has complete confidence in the quality of each remanufactured grinder as evidenced by the outstanding warranty.