CRI consistently has in-stock centerless grinder components, ready for exchange or outright purchase for all Cincinnati centerless grinder models


The spindle is dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. Unique in the industry, CRI discards all parts, not just those exhibiting wear. The spindle is coated with the highest quality ceramic available, and ground to original specifications. The bearing shoes are babbitted with genuine US government babbit, and then hand scraped, mated and precision fit to the spindle. The spindle is reassembled with all-new wearable parts, manufactured by CRI.

 Dressing units:

The dressing unit is dismantled and thoroughly cleaned and all parts are replaced, not just those exhibiting wear. The dresser slides are ground, hand scraped, and mated. The dresser is reassembled with all-new wearable parts, manufactured by CRI.

Exchange Program:

Eliminate costly down time waiting for your component to be rebuilt. Buy a component on exchange. A rebuilt, fully tested component will be shipped to you the same day. Simply return your worn-out, but repairable, component to CRI after the new unit is installed. CRI’s exchange program is the easiest way to keep production rolling. It’s fast, cost effective, and maximizes your manufacturing time. Installation is available on request.


CRI offers a comprehensive warranty on rebuilt components. Each rebuilt component is warranted for twelve months. The warranty includes all parts and labor. Whether you purchased a spindle or dresser, the component is rebuilt with all new wearable parts. Industry standards suggest an inspect-and-replace-as-necessary guideline. We feel strongly that the life of the component is improved by replacing all wearable parts, giving you the full length of service attainable. The final result is a component that performs to maximum capability and has long life. Retrofit packages are all new manufactured products and are also covered by a 12 month warranty.

We have a large inventory of rebuilt components on the shelf, ready for immediate delivery. Installation is available on request.

  • Grinding Wheel Dressers
  • Regulating Wheel Dressers
  • Grinding Wheel Spindles
  • Regulating Wheel Spindles
  • Main Table Slides
  • Electro-Hydraulic Infeed Systems
  • Standard Gear Boxes