service1With proper centerless grinder maintenance your grinder will provide years of trouble free operation if properly maintained. Depending on the type of materials you grind and the number of hours you use your grinder bearing adjustments, lubrication checks, and filter changes should be scheduled at regular intervals. Our trained technicians will inspect your machines and replace critical consumable parts on an annual, biannual or quarterly basis.


CRI’s preventative maintenance programs are designed to reduce unplanned downtime, improve part quality and reduce part and maintenance cost on your centerless grinder. Our trained professionals arrive equipped with a consumable parts kit to help them perform a comprehensive inspection including checks and adjustments in these critical areas:

Hydraulic System:

Replace filters

Check oil level

Check oil temperature

Check hydraulic pressure

Inspect for leaks

Check for worn or defective parts


Bearing adjustment

Bearing lubrication

Bearing temperature

Alignment check

Lubrication System

Verify lubrication


Ball screw wear

Ball screw backlash

Way wiper check

Alignment check


Alignment check

Coolant/Pneumatic System:

Inspect coolant filters

Inspect for coolant leaks