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To enhance the centerless grinding operations used in manufacturing, CRI has developed a 3-day training program for engineers and operators. The training consists of a theoretical session coupled with hands-on sessions. The theoretical section will be in a classroom setting. For the hands-on session, CRI will make centerless grinders available.

TBD – Fall 2019

Click Here to Download the Training Flyer

  • Basic principles of the centerless grinding process
  • Roundness generation and set up parameters
  • Workpiece configuration and roundness
  • Centerless grinding machine errors and effect on roundness
  • Measuring technology for geometry
  • Force, vibration, and chatter
  • Regulating wheel profile for infeed and thrufeed grinding
  • Grinding wheel profile
  • Design of tooling: cams, workrest blades
  • Thermals and set-up stability
  • Infeed grinding of stepped work pieces
  • Thrufeed grinding of rollers, pins, and short shafts
  • Thrufeed bar grinding
  • Thrufeed grinding of under square workpieces (bearing races, valve seats, etc.)
  • Application of correct regulating wheels
  • Centerless grinding process design
  • Advance CBN technlogy.
  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Slide and dresser gib adjustment
    • Reg spindle bearing adjustment
    • Zero recalibration of grinder
  • Setting height above center
  • Setting feed angle and regulating wheel truing angle
  • Truing grinding and regulating wheels
  • Setting grinding gap in thrufeed grind
  • Adjusting the swivel plate for taper
  • Setting guides in thrufeed grinding
  • Sample Grind and set-up correction
  • Centerless Grinding Technology and Practice Handbook.
  • Access to online service to assist in calculating setup parameters for your operation.
  • Lunch provided by CRI
  • Discounted hotel rate (contact Michelle at CRI for more information)

$895 Per Person

The duration of the training program is three days. One-and-half days in the classroom and one-and-half days hands-on. Class size limited to 30 students.

Registration and Schedule: Please call CRI:1-800-249-8103. All we need is company name and address, participants name and email address.

Location: Classroom training: TBD

Cancellation Policy: A full refund will be issued for cancellations received in writing (fax 586-749-5421) or by email to Cancellations within three days of the event (including no shows) are not entitled to a refund of any portion of payment for the class.