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Centerless Rebuilders, Inc.

Remanufacture and Automation of CNC Centerless Grinders

CRI is headquartered in New Haven, Michigan where we manufacture a line of new CRI centerless grinders, and remanufacture, automate, and retrofit Cincinnati centerless grinders. CRI offers all the latest technology advancements in machine tool controls and retrofits. CRI specializes in customized process development, helping you achieve productivity gains, increased quality of part geometry, and safety improvements.


We design and build automation for parts handling, before, during, and after the grind process. Pick and place automation for infeed grinding, conveyors and parts accumulators for thrufeed grinding, and bar loading and unloading equipment are all available.


We have a full line of both new and re-manufactured centerless grinders. If you have a special application, we can build or modify a grinder to fit your specific needs.


CRI manufactures and stocks replacement parts for all models of Cincinnati centerless grinders. These parts are the same ones that we use in re-manufacturing grinders and meet our stringent quality standards. We manufacture and inventory the parts in-house. CRI has more than 2,000 different centerless parts in stock and ready to ship.


Centerless grinding has become an extremely accurate and fast method of grinding many different materials in complex geometry. Technological advances have occurred in electrical control, part handling, automation, and abrasives.

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Trusted Suppliers

Fanuc Robotics and Atlantic Grinding Wheels

CRI is proud to have partnered with the industry leaders to offer you the highest standards available.


Every remanufactured machine comes with a comprehensive warranty that is without rival in the industry.

Each machine we remanufacture is built to better-than-new standards.
All wearable parts are replaced with new. The end product is a blend of the superior solid cast base of the vintage machine with all new wearable parts plus today’s advanced technology in hydraulic and electrical controls. The final result is a machine that can outperform its original capabilities.

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